By teaming up, we provide a unique set of skills that help businesses reduce mistakes. We are constantly spotting flaws in marketing material, both in our professional roles and in daily life. It’s not just that we enjoy finding errors, we really can’t help it. When we recognised our complimentary skills with text and design, we had to join forces and help others catch issues before they were hurt by them.

About Tim

Quality System Design
Content Strategist and problem-solver

With a background in commercial writing, Tim uses his marketing skills to develop successful campaign strategies. He makes words powerful, and can explain how it works.

Tim Marsh Quality System Design
Kassandra Marsh Lakazdi Graphic Designer of business and marketing documents

About Kassandra


Document Designer and error finder

Started designing documents in 1992 and hasn’t stopped since. Her super power is spotting errors in design and typography. She teaches others how to make better documents.